This website is in working progress so please ask questions and leave answers on questions that have already been asked.

AnswerBasket is a simple platform (you will see as it populates just how simple it is) that provides you with answers to questions you may have.

This website cuts out all the “how do I”‘s and “what is”‘s, you just simply have to put a few keywords in, not only that the answers to your questions are provided by locals, well one part of this website is (see below).

To find answers just type in your area and one or two words to do with your question/s, cut out all the “where is”‘s and “what time does”‘s and get neater results, for example:

Your Question = What time does Morrisons close on a Wednesday on Exhibition Way Exeter?

Simply Search = Exeter Morrisons closing, or Prince Charles Road Morrisons Shut Time

This will bring up your exact question with answers from locals, the above is just an example.

Another Example:

The question = Can anyone recommend a good reliable mobile hairdresser in Middlesex?

Search = Middlesex Mobile Hairdressers

This will bring up all question relating to mobile hairdressers in Middlesex.

Search = Middlesex Hairdressers

This will bring up all hairdressing question in Middlesex (Salons, Mobile etc), with answers from locals, or those in the know.

Everything is under one roof.

If you give answers on questions in order to help others, you can cleverly add tags to possible answers that are already on this website by simply copy & pasting other question titles into comments.

Here is an example (look at the comments section) CLICK HERE

It doesn’t end there, not only will you find local answers you can also find answers to questions that are more UK or Worldwide based, here is an example of how to perform local and broader searches:

Search = Exeter Jobcentre (this will bring up local questions about Exeter Jobcentre)

Search = World Jobcentre (this will bring up nationwide questions regarding Jobcentres).

“World” followed by 1 or 2 keywords will bring up questions on a wider scale.

“Location” followed by 1 or 2 keywords will bring up questions to specific areas.

(This is in working progress, if you can’t find your question/s please submit the question/s).

Have a look around and drop some answers to questions you know in the answers baskets, or if you have any questions visit the Submit A Question page.

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